A591 : Keswick - Bothel

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4 stelle percorso
Curve : 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.8
Rettilinei : 2 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico2.5
Paesaggio : 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.3
Manto Stradale : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.5
Visibilità : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico2.8
Presenza delle forze dell’ordine : green 3 Motorcycle Road2.3
Rischio : green 5 Motorcycle Road4.3

Route Added By : LionOfNarnia
Date : Settembre 27, 2007
Lunghezza : 17 kms / 10.6 miles GPX - ???
Road Type : Montuoso
Febbraio 14, 2013 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

Fun route, with lots of fun twisties. But be aware of high numbers of tourists and hikers in the area.

Remember to visit the biker-themed café The Filling Station https://www.facebook.com/TheFillingStationCafe?ref=ts&fref=ts It has some seriously good food, and large coffees to warm you if the weather has been cool.

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Luglio 23, 2010 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

One of my local routes. Some nice sweeping bends and fast open straights to start with before the road narrows and gets a bit more challenging.
Watch out for the hidden exits at the calvert trust outdoor centre (minibuses) and the Dodd wood car park.
After you go through the uphill built-up area past Mirehouse keep an eye out for a nice left hander opposite a B road, this quite often has muck etc on the road from the farm opposite.

Great road with some nice fast & challenging bends, well worth a blast, I do it most days!

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Febbraio 14, 2008 - 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.0

As one of the aformentioned mountain bikers I know the first half of this ride quite well. We pedal out until the right hand fork, shown at minute 5:14, then progress around Skiddaw and back to Keswick. The road looks superb for motorbikes up to that point, although I confess to never having done it. The video does justice to it however, well worth a blast if you are in the area I would say.

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  • pete
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Settembre 27, 2007 - 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico5.0

My favourite thrash! The sweeping left hander off the Keswick roundabout gets you in the mood for what is to come. Its a great road for letting off steam, some nasty blind corners to be sure, but if you pick your time and are lucky enough to have good weather its an absolute blast. It does go past some tourist hot-spots so you have to stay alert for walkers and mountain bikers, but it is generally a genuinely enjoyable road which gets faster as you clear the fells and head towards Bothel. Enjoy!

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