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  • Regione : Central Portugal, Portogallo
  • Moto : Honda CBR 600RR
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N3 : Abrantes to Mação

Central Portugal > Portogallo > Europa
Aprile 16, 2015 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

Not very known but a very very nice road!

Mostly just conners but you have a middle part with some straights, and it has no traffic...even on a saturday we passed two/three cars!

if you want to sloe down and enjoy the scennary you can, it has some nice views!

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N326-1 : Arouca - Quintela

Northern Portugal > Portogallo > Europa
Gennaio 4, 2009 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

Very nice road... Great corners and the tarmac its great.
The scenery its very pleasant. To bad its only 20 kms.

Cheers Ricardo.

Sever do Vouga - Arouca

Northern Portugal > Portogallo > Europa
Settembre 12, 2014 - 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico5.0

There's nothing much to road, nice environment, nice corners, nice tarmac!

for example, a very good option to get to the very known Douro river area, with his vinerds!

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Figueiró to Castanheira de Pêra

Central Portugal > Portogallo > Europa
Settembre 9, 2014 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

i didn't knew the road and was a perfect surprise...realy good road, lots of more or less fast conners with a perfect tarmac!

then i kept on going to Lousã, lots of small conners with a very good enviroment but a very bad tarmac for a sportbike!

N232 : Manteigas - Belmonte

Central Portugal > Portogallo > Europa
Maggio 8, 2014 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

the couple of times that i did this road i've enjoyed it a lot!

Good surface and some fast corners, the only thing is that pass's some vilages but the rest it's super fun!

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