B709 : Dewar - Langholm

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5 stelle percorso
Curve : 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0
Rettilinei : 1 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico1.0
Paesaggio : 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico5.0
Manto Stradale : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.0
Visibilità : 1 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico1.0
Presenza delle forze dell’ordine : green 1 Motorcycle Road1.0
Rischio : green 5 Motorcycle Road5.0

Route Added By : dokotela
Date : Giugno 8, 2011
Lunghezza : 85 kms / 52.8 miles GPX - ???
Road Type : Rurale
Map Key : Rosa = Percorso attuale| Rosso = Eccellente | Blu = Buono | Viola = Altri raccomandati
Giugno 8, 2011 - 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico5.0

If you like undulating, roller-coaster relaxed rides, then this is for you. Probably not the best for a sports bike speed merchant, but for a supermoto, or a tourer, this is fabulous. It starts in a very hilly area, and its ALL single track with passing spaces only. There are lots of sheep and cattle about, so watch out, but take it slowly and marvel at the scenery. As the road goes further south, the pace can quicken, and the final stretch between Ettrick and Langolm is a real blast. Its fast and fun, but do watch out for the massive logging trucks that suddenly appear out of nowhere; they will not stop for you.Remember its single track!! I had a fantastic afternoon just relaxing on this road, soaking up the views, and enjoying the isolation that it provides. Not the best place to break down, as no signal and very few cars, but if you like that, you will love the B709. I cannot wait to get back and ride it again.

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