Palomar Mountain Road : Palomar Mountain

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sheepskin_sliders | Luglio 28, 2010 | America > Unito Dichiara > California Itinerari Motos > CA - Orange/Riverside/San Diego/Imperial...
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Curve Star Rating Graphic (4.8)
TwistinessStar Rating Graphic (3.9)
RettilineiStar Rating Graphic (2.3)
PaesaggioStar Rating Graphic (4)
VisibilitàStar Rating Graphic (3.2)
Manto StradaleStar Rating Graphic (3.5)
RischioStar Rating Graphic (3.3)
Presenza delle forze dell’ordine Star Rating Graphic (2.3)


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Aprile 13, 2015 - Star Rating Graphic

Really nice ride! Tight turns, beautiful scenery and high elevation. I would do it again.

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Aprile 4, 2015 - Star Rating Graphic

palomar rocks. san diego you know you need to be there. get there on the weekend mornings and you will likely find people meeting up to ride! make some new friends along the way. there are a few popo´s that hang at the bottom but thats about it, and thats wayyyy in town near the orange groves. any police ive seen are on holiday weekends thats about it. the road surface could use a little work, a few road snakes here n there. the only issue i face is the bicyclists think they own it and sometimes do some nasty shit to the road in order to knock people around, like place rocks in the road. not cool. luckily the fire dept sits at the top of the mountain in case you go down. gets busy on the weekend, some guys think this is laguna seca ( which its not ) and trailer bikes with their slicks up there, or just ride like that there. has the potential to be like that if the county ever decides to re pave the road. highly traveled weekdays too among truckers ( well , not really highly traveled, mainly just a few of them ) and they will let you pass ( not like they have a choice haha! ) the restaurant at the top is good too. vegetarian but you would never notice. there is also a restroom at the top and palomar is also accessable to borrego , which is an awesome ride for all. among my favorite close mountain in sd.

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Gennaio 26, 2015 - Star Rating Graphic

I used to ride here every weekend but it has been the go to location for many riders in the area. I no longer go out there on the weekends and instead just randomly throughout the week. Not too many other riders out there which means not too many cops. Very nice! I still get nervous riding Palomar, up or down because it has been the only location thus far that I laid it down, not once, but twice. Really sharp curves, that still surprises me every time. I just come into the corners way too hot and it gets me all the time. Anyway if you have more discipline than I do i´m sure this will tickle your fancy for many rides to come. Just be sure to ride nice and easy the first time as there may be loose gravel, snow, and on coming traffic that will make you clinch your booty hole from time to time.

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Giugno 17, 2012 - Star Rating Graphic

This road is a gift to motorcyclists! I recommend continuing to Henshaw lake and then dropping back to the 76. The views are spectacular, the road is amazing! Beware of the coppers on Hwy 76. Keep to the speed limit and youll be left alone.

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Novembre 3, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

An excellent series of switchbacks, if you can catch it at an empty time, otherwise it can be a headache.

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Luglio 28, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

Fantastic curves going up the mountain

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