CA 58 : Mckittrick - Santa Margarita

(4.67) 108 kms
iron_butt_1500 | Ottobre 30, 2007 | America > Unito Dichiara > California Itinerari Motos > CA - San Luis Obispo/Kern/Santa Barbara/...
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Curve (5)
Rettilinei (3.7)
Paesaggio (4)
Visibilità (3.3)
Manto Stradale (3.7)
Rischio (3)
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Maggio 21, 2012 -

I had driven this once before, but this past weekend was the first time Id ridden the whole thing from McKittrick to Santa Margarita, and it is really something. Lots of variety between the high speed sections and the mountain twisties. Largely open and empty, we saw very few other vehicles out there on a Saturday afternoon. The pavement is rather poor around the solar projects, but just be aware and youll be fine. Oh, and it appeared that we were in the middle of a grasshopper convention, and Im trying to knock their carcasses off of my wheels today.

Make sure you fill up with fuel in Taft, and yourself up with fluids, and that your bike is ready to go. Its a long way to go for help if something bad happens out in the middle of nowhere, and it gets HOT!

Ill post up a vid taken by one of the guys in my group.

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Novembre 4, 2010 -

Pleasant road with no nasty surprises, good combinations of curves and straight sections.

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Ottobre 30, 2007 -

A fantastic combination of good surface, interesting selection of good corners make this surely one of the best motorcycling roads anywhere?

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