A519 : Newport - Eccleshall

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4 stelle percorso
Curve : 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.3
Rettilinei : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.5
Paesaggio : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.5
Manto Stradale : 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.5
Visibilità : 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.8
Presenza delle forze dell’ordine : green 4 Motorcycle Road3.3
Rischio : green 4 Motorcycle Road3.5

Route Added By : srappedupuk
Date : Marzo 2, 2008
Lunghezza : 12 kms / 7.5 miles
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Road Type : Rurale
Map Key : Rosa = Percorso attuale| Rosso = Eccellente | Blu = Buono | Viola = Altri raccomandati
Agosto 13, 2010 - 5 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico5.0

This is my favourite road as it's right up my street, quite literally! I've always gone from Clayton on the A519 to Newport and on to Donnington just for those long straights to finish the route. Almost never encountered a police car. Truly a great leisurely ride, not mild nor extreme but just nice for everyone.

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Aprile 14, 2009 - 3 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico3.0

I used this road for the first time Yesterday. Went up to Norbury Junction and then road back from there along this section of road towards Eccleshall. A very nice road, a few nice flowing corners and some nice straights giving an open and balanced ride out. Excellent to get some heat in them tyres. Saw one Police Car but that was Bank Holiday Staffing!

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  • Slymer
  • Honda CBR600FS2
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Aprile 3, 2009 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

This is a great stretch of road tend to use it when goin tern hill for the bike meet on a thursday. Their are a few police about on the thursdays but not too bad on any other day. Some lovely corners and nice scenery.

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  • booty9
  • Honda CBR600F-Sport
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Marzo 2, 2008 - 4 stelle percorso Percorso Motociclistico4.0

Starting from Newport follow A519 through Sutton, some good twistys here but watch for heavys coming the other way as road narrows through best bends on this section. A nice warm up on route to elsewhere if you are heading off to the M6 at J14

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